Wednesday, August 23, 2017

LinkedIn’s Top Ten List of Best Locations to Work

LinkedIn’s Workforce Report for June 2017 has identified the top ten cities with the greatest job growth. LinkedIn analyzed 138 million workers in the U.S. who have active profiles and over 20,000 companies that use LinkedIn to recruit talent in addition to other labor sites that research today’s workforce. The following list can help identify localized employment trends to help you with your job search and career management:
  1. Seattle
  2. Denver
  3. Austin
  4. Portland
  5. Charlotte
  6. Tampa/St. Petersburg
  7. West Palm Beach
  8. Nashville
  9. Las Vegas
  10. Dallas-Ft. Worth

Industry hiring is up across the nation in areas such as Business, Healthcare, Finance, Engineering, Technology, Non-Profit, Education, and more!  This is a good time to create or update your own LinkedIn profile. Contact the Career and Professional Development Center for assistance and a review of your LinkedIn account so that you can present the best impression possible. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Emerging Job Market Trends

The world is changing rapidly and as a result, the way employers hire and the expectations of professionals are also changing. Members of NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) recently discussed emerging trends in the workplace and how these trends are impacting both new and seasoned professionals.

Overall, the job outlook has improved. However, competition is still a major factor in the job market so taking steps to make sure that you are enhancing both your job skills and soft skills is a must. One key observation is that professionalism is still a critical career indicator. Research shows that while many graduates are well-educated, there is the perception that they are inadequately trained because of a lack of social skills. Professionalism cannot be neglected as part of the job search and so taking time to understand proper business etiquette can serve you well. The WGU Career & Professional Development Center can help with preparing for job fairs, business mix & mingle events, and networking with potential employers.

Additional insight was provided regarding employer trends including:

  • 53% of employers are concerned about competition for talent
  • 64% of employers prefer to hire people with relevant experience
  • 71% of employers are actively promoting diversity
  • 75% of professionals, typically in mid to high level jobs, identify as passive (not actively seeking a new position) and employers are looking for ways to tap into these candidates
  • Employers are focusing on engaging with talent via social media and technology
  • Employers are proactively managing their brand and want to be identified and recognized as employers of choice
  • Employers are increasing salaries and offering signing bonuses for premium candidates
  • Employers are recruiting via branding and social media, and an increase in video interviewing is starting to emerge 

You have already made a step in the right direction by deciding to pursue and complete your degree. Being aware of the latest career trends can be another helpful resource. We invite you to contact WGU Career & Professional Development to discuss your goals and to begin working on a plan that will help you to stay on top of your career.