Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Create a Public Resume in CareerBeam

Struggling to find time to make your next career move? Have employers contact you! A key feature of CareerBeam is the ability to make your resume visible to employers. As the WGU Career & Professional Development Center continues to build strategic relations with employers, more employers are utilizing CareerBeam to search for qualified candidates and post positions for WGU students and alumni.

Follow the steps below to create your public resume today!
  1. Review the brief Resumes 101 webinar for resume best practices.
  2. Select a Resume Type that aligns with your career goals. If necessary, you are able to reorder the resume sections so that the sections most relevant to your career goal are listed first. You will always lead your resume with a Professional Profile. Once the Create Resume button is selected and you are taken to the resume template, resume sections can be deleted that do not align with your experience and qualifications.
  3. Fill in each section. If you already have a strong resume, you can copy information from your current version into the resume builder. 
  4. Rename your resume by clicking on the green Rename hyperlink on the right-hand side of the page. The following name formatting is suggested: Last Name, First Initial. Industry Name Resume (McNally, L. IT Resume).
  5. Set your resume to Public. You can toggle between setting your resume to Private or Public. The default setting is Private. To change your profile to Public, click on the red Private button, select Make This Resume Public, and Save Settings.
  6. To make updates and edits to your resume, click the Edit button in the section you want to edit. Add new information or look to the right to edit information already included in your resume. 
  7. In addition to making your resume public in CareerBeam for registered employers to view, you can also download your resume in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format to share with other employers!
  8. For additional feedback to ensure a strong resume, download you resume as a Microsoft Word document and submit if for review to