Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Engaging Your LinkedIn Network

In today’s workforce, you need to incorporate various job search tactics to compete with those who are also on the job hunt. Social Media is an indispensable tool for your job search efforts. LinkedIn is just as important to your career development strategy as writing a winning resume. However, once you have built your LinkedIn profile and obtained endorsements and recommendations from colleagues, it is not over. Keeping your account active is important as you proactively work your network. Here are tips to help you stay engaged:
  • Where are they now? Periodically, go through your network connections. Look to see if any of your connections have changed companies, job titles, posted new content or started new conversations. Exploring connections can clue you in on new happenings within your network and give you the opportunity to reach out to those with whom you have been out of touch. If they have updated their profiles, congratulate them on a new job or comment on an update they have shared.
  • Post it! You have re-connected with your network and with people you are following, but now look at yourself. Have there been any changes in your professional life? Update your status if you have a new job, a new role, a new project, or new education or training to share. Confidently communicate you accomplishments and successes. Your ability to assess and showcase your achievements can increase your profile views. Active updates invite your network to follow and reach out to you.
  • Do I know you? The very nature of networking is to meet new contacts and to exchange ideas. This can open up new opportunities. But, should you accept every invitation on LinkedIn? You might hit “reply” first. This will allow you to send a return email instead of immediately accepting the invitation. This is a chance to inquire as to why the individual would like to connect. It is possible that this person also attended Western Governors University or they are in the same industry and simply want to build their own network
  • Company contacts. LinkedIn also offers a great way to find contacts at companies that interest you. Researching the company and profiles of those currently employed at the company can be one more step toward getting the job you really want. 
For more personalized assistance on how to leverage LinkedIn in your job search or for answers to any career question you may have, please contact our professional staff for an appointment. 

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