Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Resume Recipe - How to Cook Up a Winner!

If you cook, you know the importance of following a recipe in order to create a scrumptious meal. In fact, there are several similarities between good cooking and resume writing. Let’s look at a few:

Preparation: Quality ingredients are the building blocks of great cooking. You want to start with the best and freshest you can find. The same can be said for resumes. Research targeted job descriptions within your field of interest to obtain the language and keywords you can use for the ingredients throughout your resume. Think of each job description as a recipe in which the employer is telling you what they are looking for. Key words, pulled from the specific job descriptions, will help you make your resume more appetizing to an employer.

Assembly: Like any successful dish, layering flavors gives the meal a deeper and richer experience. Resumes should be assembled so that the most valuable information is seen first. The Summary of Qualifications should be right after your name and contact information. This is your pitch to the reader explaining how you are qualified for this position.  Showing a robust summary of your best qualities and how they make you a good fit is what will move your resume from dull to delicious! Next, think about what makes you a great candidate for the position. Look to the job description for further guidance. What seems important to the employer? Lead with your strengths and position the following sections accordingly: specialized competencies (technology, business acumen, certifications, etc.), relevant professional experience and education. This layering format prioritizes the most important features so the employer sees them first and is motivated to learn more about you. To assist in assembling your resume, utilize the resume resources available on the WGU Career & Professional Development website including a brief Resumes 101 webinar, a resume builder, and a resume library with industry specific resume samples.

Let it bake. The raw ingredients and the assembly of the dish are only part of a chef’s job. Those ingredients and flavors need to meld into the delicious creation it was meant to be. Your resume is now ready to cook! You have done your research, you put the layers together and filled them in with just the right keywords, bullet points and accomplishments. Now, it all needs to marinate to create the document that results in an interview. One great way to do this, so that it doesn’t get chopped, is to send it to WGU Career & Professional Development for a review. Look to us as your test kitchen. We’re hungry to help you!

Serve it up! After you have created your resume and had it reviewed by our staff, it’s time to dish it up for your audience to consume! There are as many job boards online as there are spices to choose from. Consider using the WGU Students & Graduates Job Board in addition to other popular job boards for your job search needs.

We wish you luck in your job search and remember, we’ll always have a table ready for you to explore and discuss a full menu of other services. Please visit us often to satisfy your career cravings. Bon Appetite!


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