Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Social Media Blogs to Enhance Your Career

Social media and networking online can be intimidating. Even trying to find blogs that explain blogs can be like chasing your own tail. Below are a few blogs that will help bring some clarity to the social media chaos. The various sites below were chosen to specifically help WGU students and graduates understand the use of social media when it comes to both job searching and managing your professional profile. Be sure to explore the WGU Career & Professional Development Center’s own homepage for other tips and insights to Social Media mastery!

How to Use Social Media to Land a Job
“I’m not very techno-savvy”, “I don’t want to put myself out there on the internet”, “I’m a private person”. If these are some responses to why you’re not using Social Media as part of your job search, you may be missing out on a huge piece of the action. Many recruiters today use Social Media to network with possible candidates. Miriam Salpeter, who writes for US News & World Report, offers tips on how to use these tools successfully.

Social Media Do’s & Don’ts: 10 Tips for Keeping Your Profiles Professional
Recruiters and hiring managers are now using the web and Social Media to vet candidates for jobs. What will they see if they “Google” your name?  Megan Ruesink is a freelance writer for Rasmussen College and she gives some do’s and don’ts when it comes to your professional presence on social networking sites.

35 of the Most Influential Career Sites for 2014
Here’s a link of a comprehensive list of some of the best career, interviewing, job search and recruiting blog sites. These are long standing sources that are consistently updated and have shown significant expertise in the field.  Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement and a contributor to Forbes.com. He has collected these sites for job seeker’s convenience.

How to Use Social Media for Professional Development
Devika Arora is a professional writer currently focusing on the extensive domain of job search and career building. She contributes to Social Media Today. This blog demonstrates how various social media platforms can help both job seekers and working professionals develop and leverage “personal learning networks (PLNs)” to advance their career goals.

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