Friday, March 7, 2014

Job Searching: Chill Out!

Job searching has its own stressors so staying physically and mentally healthy during this time is vital to maintain balance!

Mary Eileen Williams, author and columnist for Huffington Post, suggests “four key ways to help boost your spirits and keep your momentum going”:
  1. Avoid isolationism: Start your day like any other in your professional life. Get up early, take a shower, have a good breakfast, get dressed and send out a million resumes. But make sure those resumes have been critiqued by someone you trust and make sure you visit the WGU Career & Professional Development Center
  2. Write out a financial plan: This can seem like a mundane thing to do but it must be done. A healthy lifestyle during job searching can also extend to your bank account.  Make a list of your most necessary expenses: rent, mortgage, utilities, food, medicine, gas, etc.  Then make another list in a second column of things you can live without: cable, certain memberships, the gym, going out to dinner, movies, etc. It’s not permanent. This is what I call “The Austerity Plan”.  Involve the entire family with this plan so everyone is aware of the details and you can all support one another. 
  3. Track your progress and make it tangible: By tracking your networking efforts, people you meet, phone calls, and emails can give you a sense of progress.  As humans we need some sense of control and that we are contributing to society. Tracking your progress and showing tangible results can help elevate any stress. 
  4. TLC:  Work is an integral part of human nature and it’s by our work and contribution to society that we add value to our own sense of dignity. So, with this said, take care of yourself. Take time to relax, be with your family/friends, eat right and get enough sleep and exercise. And, know that you will soon return to the welcomed ranks of the gainfully employed!
            “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”–Theodore Roosevelt