Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Career Lessons from "The Internship"

The Internship (2013) stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as two recently unemployed salespeople who apply for, and receive, summer internships at Google. Antics and inappropriate jokes ensue as the comedy unfolds, but we can glean some nuggets of truth relating to internships as they apply to our career paths.

***Anti-Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen this movie, don’t worry, no plot details will be shared and your viewing experience shall not be ruined by this blog post!***

Lesson #1 – Internships provide valuable experience. In the movie, the interns complete a variety of tasks : creating an app, solving a programming code error, acquiring a new sales account. Most internships, if structured properly, have individuals performing job tasks that allow for growth and learning, as well as applicability to future employment in that occupation.  If you’re switching career fields or don’t have much experience in your desired future occupation, an internship can be a great way to add relevant bullets to your resume.

Lesson #2 – Networking is key.  The characters in the movie must work in teams, relying on each other’s skill sets and learning from one another to succeed in the given task. The interns also have the ability to engage with employees and leaders at the company. Having someone in your network to turn to when you need assistance with a particular task is invaluable and building relationships with interns and full time employees in the company is a great way to enhance your network.

Lesson #3 – Internships lead to opportunities. The Nooglers (i.e. what interns are called at Google) are told up front that the team that wins the most challenges throughout the summer will be offered full time jobs at Google upon graduation. This is often the case with most companies. They invest time and resources into their interns and often turn to their interns if and when full time positions arise. It’s a mutually beneficial scenario for both the company and the intern. It also is important to note that the first two lessons impact this lesson: making the most of your internship experience and establishing relationships with individuals at the company can enhance your chances of full time employment with that company.  

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